Purpose & strategy

Our purpose is guiding our strategy – Inspiring ways of living. Our purpose originates from our Etex strengths, and how they meet the needs of the world. We want to lead the way as our stable industry needs to be disrupted. With sustainability as our compass and collaboration as our engine, we will move forward as one Etex team and serve our customers as an inspiring partner.
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Our purpose

Inspiring ways of living

We want to inspire people around the world to build living spaces that are ever more safe, sustainable, smart and beautiful.

Our How

Our How

Our How

Collaborative, customer-focused 

We work as one, fostering a collaborative and caring culture, a pioneering spirit and a passion to always do better for our customers.

Our what

Our what

Our what

Ever more effective lightweight solutions 

Building on our experience and global market needs, we strive to improve our customers quality of living with ever more effective lightweight solutions.

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Building on our strengths

From our start in 1905 we pioneered in fibre-cement building solutions. In 2011 we acquired a further 110 years of experience in gypsum and plaster technology. In 1981, we acquired Promat for passive fire protection - a crucial pillar in lightweight construction. Fibre cement and plasterboard have proved durable, beautiful, sustainable and smart materials, to which we have added state of the art passive fire protection and insulation. 

The flexibility and efficiency of all of these materials enabled our global expansion and growth. Etex lightweight solutions have helped build and at times rebuild our planet. These last years Etex has pioneered in modular lightweight solutions to build faster, more sustainable, resource friendly and affordable.

Together with our partners and customers we realise inspiring projects. From the 600m high Canton Tower to the NATO headquarters in Belgium. From fire protection in TGV trains and yachts to floating houses. From a World Cup football arena in Brazil to modular housing that supported the Colombian peace process.



The 600m high Canton Tower


Fire protection in yachts and TGV trains


World Cup football arena in Brazil


Modular housing that supported the Colombian peace process

Meeting the urgent needs of the world

The world’s megatrends challenge our industry.
At Etex, we are confident to disrupt and ready with our strong
and united global team to focus on providing inspiring solutions.


3 values we all share

To enhance the world with ever better living space, we need to create value together. By doing better and acting quickly. By enabling people to experiment and sometimes fail. By enjoying outperformance. 

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Work together. Bring out the best in each other. Care for safety and well-being. This is the truly sustainable way to improve the quality of living for us all. 

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We live in times of rapid transformation. We have the unique opportunity to help fulfil vital needs of our world. Let’s drive valuable change. Let’s inspire with  smart and sustainable solutions. 

6 key reasons why Etex focuses on lightweight solutions

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Strong brands for strong solutions all over the world

Our strong commercial brands connect us with our customers. They enable us to serve specific customer segments in specific countries and regions with focused offers in tailor-made partnerships.


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