Building together with our suppliers

To inspire ways of living, our long term relationships bring value to our business and supply base. Therefore our suppliers play a key role in our commitment to excellence. We have high standards for specifications, delivery on time and competitive pricing.
On this page you will find information and details on how we can further develop and empower our relationship.
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Commercial transactions with Etex

E-Invoicing via SAP Ariba

E-Invoicing via SAP Ariba

E-Invoicing via SAP Ariba

Set up of Electronic exchange on commercial documents flow. Discover how to register to our account types. We will guide you step by step.




Request sustainability evaluation of your company by our external third party partner “Ecovadis”.
Ratings will be visible to Etex and supplier.

Financial solution

Financial solution

Financial solution

Get paid faster and benefits from very attractive interest rates. This program requires discussion and validation with your buyer.

Safety is Key

Safety is Key

Safety is Key

You will find information regarding the EHS rules specific to each plant, including related documents listed under each country. This will help you easily access the information you need.

Overview electronic communication Flow

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Our vision & Benefits

Our vision

  • Digital process from purchase requisition to invoice.

  • Online great user experience via catalog access to our internal users.

  • Electric, real-time communication between buyers and suppliers without touch system.

  • Digital maturity of our supplier base is crucial and key in our strategy.

  • Paperless exchange due to environmental-friendly reasons.


Benefits for our suppliers

  • Strengthen customer relationships.

  • Improve PO and invoice accuracy levels.

  • Speed up the process.

  • Connect easily with new customers.

  • Visibility about payments in terms of timing and purchased items.

  • Make your products visible within the Etex organisation (catalogues).

E-communication & e-invoicing account types



Standard account

Discover how to register to our standard account type. We will guide you step by step.

  • Easy set up of an account.

  • One dedicated platform to easily follow your orders with us.

  • You will be able to see your downloads, purchases & orders at any time.

  • Creation of new order confirmation and invoice directly on your account.

  • This service is free of charge for you.




Enterprise account

If you require more integration with your internal systems, SAP Ariba can provide a direct connection between you, our ERP system.

  • Same options of invoice creation as the standard account.

  • Connection will be created between your internal system and our ERP through an electronic interface compatible with:
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  • Purchase orders, Order confirmations and Invoices through a fully automated process.

  • The cost is based on the transaction volume.


Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to translating our strong ethical principles to the procurement process and to having a positive impact on its wider environment via the purchases performed. Therefore, we elaborated a Code of Conduct, containing accepted principles regarding ethical conduct, health and safety, environmental and social aspects.
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Etex invoicing & Legal Requirements

Etex invoicing requirements

On top on the legal requirement, the invoices must be sent electronically via SAP Ariba

Every invoice you’ll sent should have the following elements:

  • Purchase order number or shipment number or cost center or internal order.

  • Valid Etex entity name and VAT number (see list).

  • Bank details

If the invoice is not matching the legal requirements your invoice might be rejected.


Legal requirements

Ensure your invoice complies with local legal regulations:

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