Road to Sustainability 2030 

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Etex's ‘Road to Sustainability 2030’ is our plan to help build a better, sustainable future. We work towards this vision by caring about our social and environmental impacts and developing innovative solutions for the building and construction industry. Together, we are on an exciting journey towards improving sustainability in the short and long term.



Our 5 priority areas

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Annual Report 2022

In our latest Annual Report, which also the first-ever combined report for Etex, we are sharing our successes of 2022 and our ambitions for a sustainable future. This report has been prepared in accordance with the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

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We value the opinion of our stakeholders and your feedback will help us to improve our next Annual Reports. Please take a few minutes to fill in our survey regarding our Annual Report 2022 by clicking here.


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EcoVadis Silver Medal Rating 2023

Our sustainability management is accredited by EcoVadis; they are the leading rating agency, with a global network of more than 100,000 rated companies. Overall we are rated in the top 9% of companies active in the concrete, cement and plaster industry, while rated in the top 6% for our achievements in the area of Environment. Together with our teammates and partners, we continue our journey towards a more sustainable world.

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Health, safety & well-being


Ensuring safety in our daily life is a task that never stops: whether our workers are on or outside our premises, or during the commute to and from work. Our structured and continuously evolving approach is built around our teammates who, with their experience, professional attitude, and dedication to caring for each other, take responsibility and ownership every day to apply safety rules and regulations, and act when needed to prevent unsafe work conditions. 

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Diversity, equity & inclusion


We have a strong conviction that diversity of thinking helps us to deliver a strong and sustainable performance. It is also essential for us that everyone feels part of the team. In this spirit, we are committed to equal opportunities and zero tolerance towards discrimination. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Roadmap demonstrates our ambition to achieve a socially inclusive work environment for all. 

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Customer engagement


With its lightweight construction solutions, Etex can play an important role by engaging with its customers and deliver them solutions which are sustainable, efficient, safe and beautiful. By 2025 we will transform the way we engage with our customers and enhance the sustainable features of our lightweight construction solutions.

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As part of the resource-intensive building materials and construction industry we need to find ways to reintroduce materials into continuous circles of material flows. For us, waste is not waste, but a potential valuable resource which can be regenerated or repurposed and turned into something new. 


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Etex wishes to respond to today's environmental challenges by manufacturing products and solutions that will reduce our customers' footprint as well as our own. The implementation of innovative process technologies and equipment, energy recovery and reuse, the move to renewable energy, the enhancement of our product portfolio as well as our strategic acquisitions, will help Etex and its industry to progress towards carbon neutrality.

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Other key topics

We are taking a holistic approach to sustainability, on the one hand through a strong commitment and governance on material topics, and on the other by leveraging our business to address complex environmental and social challenges.


Sustainability framework

To sustain our unique position and demonstrate our alignment with global sustainability ambitions that aim to shape a sustainable future, in 2020 Etex became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) for sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Our people

We commit to creating a positive, caring and inclusive work environment where teammates feel valued, respected, engaged, and want to contribute to the success of the business as one Etex.

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Water management

Water is a precious resource. At Etex, we are continuously exploring opportunities to consume significantly less water. In 2021 we continued to work on our ambition to decrease the use of potable water.

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Through the management of our own quarries, we have a great opportunity to support biodiversity. We are proud to see that our approach is convincing to local regulators and results in effective agreements to manage biodiversity risks and impacts related to our quarries.

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Environmental policy

Our environmental policy summarises our commitments in terms of environmental management. Environmental protection is reflected in our goal of zero harm and forms part of our core values of Passion for Excellence, Pioneer to Lead and Connect & Care. 

Biodiversity policy

At Etex we recognise that the building materials sector can have an impact on biodiversity. This policy is binding for all sites, including manufacturing facilities, quarries, warehouses and offices.


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